Thursday, 14 May 2009

I am a very boring person, always stay at home, not much activities, however i enjoy it. haha, i feel nice to stay at home, make the home clean and waiting for someone back...oh my god..doen't a aunty life??? anyway, "aunty life ma aunty life lo"....dun care.. :)

oh ya, i am such kind of person hate to cook, hate the kitchen, scared the oil..however somebody had change my life. This person have a "huang ti lei" (eat like the huang ti in china), and his mum is a 100% traditional housewife, very good in cooking, a very good mum, then u said la, if i am not good in cooking or suppose to said if i am not going to improve my cooking skill....its seems like my future is not guarantee hor..haha...

Tonite i just cook a fry rice for him, i know he will enjoy it..and i plan to learn more when i back to my hometown, so that i can suprise him when i back, haha...just hope he won suprise me..(who know later got one gal in the room?? opppsss...) kidding la, i know he WON, u ask me y?? no y, gal six sense lo, u will understand if u are gal..hehe..

oh ya, i wanna congratulate my elder brother, finally he graduate from medicine course ady, yeah.....gambatek!! i know my brother study very hard and smart...he deserve to have a successful life, but then as my mum said he not enough in "pai ma pi"..haha, what to do, realistic world ma, u wanna cari makan then have to do somehting that u dun wish too....i agree with it, i dunno whether u agree or not, but i dun care..hehe..i guess the person who read my blog will close it right now?? haha, dun yet la....continue it pls..

Before that, i dun und why soooo many people like to write blog, now i realise it. it just like a way to release ur stress, share the things with ur frens, keep in touch with's feel good, am i rite those who like blogging?? Actually i am very talkative and pat one, but then normally people 1st impression on me is that, wahh..y u so quite one?? (then i dunno u ma, why should i talk so much to u??? rite???) hehe...

actually my frens should be happy, when i talk so much to them, mean u ady have a place in my "cell"...i love and care them..

okok, should talk abt my family ady...not fair without mention them (bo eiang mana wu wo-hokkien), my mum....a very modern mum, business mum, totally opposite with my hubby mum, mum are a very good mum, she always worry we "3 mercedez"-my elder bro, me, and my younger didi lo. she always said we are mercedez wor..whenever she earn some money, she won spend it, she won go shopping, she won go slimming, won go facial, won buy exercise equipment, won go oversea travel like others do, she will keep it, she said cause still have to pay installment to this 3 mercedez..principal + interest= not cheap ler...

But then my mum had a very bad temper, whenever she angry, nobody dare to stay in the living room, or just keep quiet, luckly my dad can tahan, wah....chun dad is a very cute dad, always diam diam, he very sayang us, i heard my mum said, when we small and get rotan by mum, my dad everytime will take a bottle of "ti da zhao" into our room and help us urut (that time we ady sleep, cry till tired lo)...very touch whenever think of this..

First time

I never think that would be such a day for me to start a blog because i am not an outgoing person, and like to keep everything inside the heart. Anyway, "ren sheng you duo shao ge shi nian" just try everything that possible, rite? haha....

To all my dear frens in KL, i going back to my hometown soon, time to start with what i had plan for so long, hope success and things goes in my way...really nice to meet u all and thanks be part of my life..hope this blog will bring us all together and keep in touch till the end.... :)

Time past sooooo fast, the 4th year in kl ady, but frankly said i more prefer my hometown..a small town and also my kampung...full with my childhood memory there..catch fish, catch turtle, dragonfly, ride bicycle, sing k (start sing when i guess i am 7 years old) with hokkien ler...but now forgot how to sing in hokkien ady..haha..

Of course i love to stay in KL also ( i know my frens will kill me if i not stated this phrase, haha) as lots my best frens are here..sure will miss them after i leave. Remember come and visit me when free ya....haha..keep in touch